Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

4 on 0 ballscreens

Coach is the point guard, the bigs are behind 4, perimeter players are behind 2 and 3. The bigs will stay in one line, the perimeter players will switch lines.

a) Coach passes to 2, 4 picks and rolls, 2 or 4 shoots.

4 is a cutter first (one or two steps towards the basket), then sets the screen with his back to the elbow, and forcing a defender to go over. 2 fakes baseline.

b) Coach passes another ball to 5, who passes to 3, picks and rolls, 3 or 5 shoots.

2 or 4 passes the first ball back to coach, 4 rejoins the line of bigs, 2 changes sides.

Continue with the next pass to 8, 9 will pick and roll.

Change sides.

Variation - coach passes to 8 who passes to 5 at the top who passes to 3 and ballscreens.

Variation - replace coach with a line of point guards.

a) 1 passes to 2, basket cuts and clears to the weakside line. After the pick and roll, 2 will go behind 6 (perimeter players rotate clockwise).

b) 6 passes to 5 who passes to 3, picks and rolls. 3 rotates clockwise after the play.

Option - 6 pins down for 8 and exchanges positions.

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