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4-out motion

4 on 0 motion. Hold the ball for 2 seconds (look for cutter, post) before passing, make 4-6 passes before shooting.

Motion progressions (see 4-out 1-in motion offence):
- on a swing to wing pass, the passer basket cuts
- on a swing to swing pass, the passer downscreens away (or interchanges)
- on a wing to swing pass, flare screen on the weakside.

- replace one player after each shot (see Duke 3-man penetrate and kick) or after each make
- add a low-post player

Jeff Bauer - emphasize pass and shot fakes, speed cuts (no directional fake), squaring in the air, one dribble to shorten passes to the middle of the floor.

Option - add guided defenders.

One or more coaches come on as guided defenders. They can deny passes to players cutting to the ball, who should backcut. Coaches can also guard passers and not jump to the ball on the pass, the passer should face cut to the front of the rim (give and go). If coach does jump to the ball, the passer should backcut.

Players can basket cut on the swing to wing pass, or when denied. Other players fill cut as needed.

If denied, players should take one step further out then backcut (Jeff Bauer - show a fist).

Variation - backcut on a pass fake (Mark Few, Bob Huggins).

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