Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

4-man 2-shot screens

Ian MacKinnon

4 players, two balls, shooting off downscreens, the cutter and screener both shoot.

a) Soft curl, short corner

4 downscreens for 6, who soft curls for a pass from 7. 4 goes to the short corner in a 21 position (heels to the baseline) for a pass to his outside hand from 5 and reverse pivots on his outside foot to shoot.

4 and 6 rebound their shots, dribble to the top and are the next passers, to 5 and 7. Always pass to the same player.

Switch the screeners and cutters, repeat.

b) Flare, duck-in

The cutter bumps and fades for a pass, the screener readjusts the screen then ducks into the middle for a pass (step through with the bottom foot), jump hook middle on a pass to the inside hand, forward pivot on the outside foot on a pass to the outside hand.

5 and 7 shoot next, switch sides.

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