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Ian MacKinnon

A halfcourt version of 5-ball shooting, can be used as part of a pre-game warm-up, see Shooting - Pre-game, also Passing - 3-man weave to centre.

1 passes to 3 who takes a layup, 1 follows to get a pass from 4 and shoots, 5 gets a pass from 2 and shoots. 1-3-5 rebound their own shots, 2 and 4 get to outlet positions after passing.
George Karl - 1 and 7 have balls, 1-3-5 weave with three passes to a right-hand layup and rebound by 1, 3 and 5 get passes for shots, rebound and replace the passers, 1-2-4 go outside back to halfcourt, 1 gets the ball to the middle line, continue, repeat with left-hand layups (first pass is to the left). Progressions - a) each group of three counts their makes, with an extra point if they make the layup and both jump shots, b) count made baskets in three minutes.

Perimeter shooters 1 and 5 go behind the baseline as the next passers, layup shooter 3 outlets ballside (here to 2), the ball is then swung across halfcourt to the other side, 8 will take a layup, 7 and 6 take shots. 3-2-4 go to the back of the shooting lines.

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