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Bob Hurley

1 and 2 are at the elbows, 4 and 5 are at the blocks. Coach tosses a ball off the backboard to 4, who jumps to grab the rebound at its highest point, calls "ball", and turns over his outside shoulder to throw an outlet pass to 1 who has sprinted outside the arc, foul-line extended ("outlet"). At the same time 2 makes a diagonal cut to the middle for a pass from 1 ("middle").

Option - 4 or 5 can rebound a toss from coach and outlet ballside (don't fight for the ball, they're teammates).

2 speed dribbles to halfcourt, turns around, takes the ball away from 1 and comes back, 1 moves to get open as 2 is going away (takes his man away) then pops as 2 is coming back, 2 makes the pass (chest pass for speed, bounce pass to protect), 1 enters the ball into 4, who turns baseline and throws it off the glass to 5 who rebounds.

2 leaves the floor after passing, replaced by 7.

Variation - players 1-2-4-5 will go off at the same time after two reps, so 2 stays on and goes to the weakside outlet position, instead of 7.

5 turns over his outside shoulder and outlets to 7, who passes to 1 cutting to the middle.

Only one post is active in each sequence, so rotate in a new player after each has gone once (or 4 stays on if four players will go off at the same time).

1 dribbles to halfcourt, turns around, passes to 7 v-cutting back to the wing then 1 goes off, replaced by 9. 7 passes into 5 who turns and tosses the ball off the backboard to 6, who rebounds, turns outside and outlets to 9, who will then hit 7 cutting up the middle. 4 will replace 5, continue.

If 1-2-4-5 are all going off at the same time, score the second time the ball goes into the post (5 scores, off a pass from 2), rotate in new players.

See the Florida 4 on 0 fast-break drill.

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