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5 on 5 box out

Ian MacKinnon

5 on 5 halfcourt. Coach passes to the team on offence which passes around until coach calls "shot", then shoots, both teams rebound (make or miss), defensively hit and chase on the perimeter, hit and stick inside. If a defender is in a position to block a shot, allow the ballhandler to take a one-dribble pull-up.

Score 2 points for an offensive rebound, keep possession, get the ball back to coach, re-set for a pass. Score 1 point for a defensive rebound and get possession. A rebound on an air ball is possession but no points.

Allow perimeter passes, and post defenders play inside to allow post-entry passes and shots, but play proper defence on a catch, forcing a post player with the ball to attack to his weak side.
- coach can shoot
- only the defence scores, one point for a defensive rebound and keep possession, the offence switches to defence with an offensive rebound.

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