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2 on 2 outlet break


Two lines of players plus two outlet players. Coach shoots and tries to miss. 1 and 2 call "shot" and box out 5 and 6. If 5 or 6 get an offensive rebound they can score, then repeat until 1 and 2 get a defensive rebound. If 2 gets the defensive rebound, 2 outlets to 4 who passes to 3 in the middle. 3 drives for a layup and runs back, 4 rebounds and dribbles the ball back to coach.


- 4 and 3 attack a defender at the far basket, the shooter stays to defend the next attack
- 5 and 6 jam or double the defensive rebounder
- 1 and 2 are on the baseline, pass to the attackers, closeout and box out on the shot
- only one outlet player, who must move ballside from the middle to create a passing lane


1 and 2 move to the outlet positions, 5 and 6 box out 7 and 8 on the next sequence.

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