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Quick hitters
Cornell ballscreen


4 ballscreens for 1 and pops, 5 backscreens for 3 to cut under the rim and post up.
See Offence - DeMatha flex (Screen on the ball).

1 throws back to 4, 5 re-screens for 3.
coachesclipboard.ca - curl the post - very effective when the post defender bumps curl cuts. With the ball at the high elbow above 5, 3 cuts across the lane below 5 then tight curls to the middle of the lane (and clears), X5 helps momentarily on the curl, 4 dribbles towards the wing to improve a passing angle, 5 steps into X5 to establish position. In many cases 3 may set an incidental screen by running into X5 on the tight curl. If X3 tries to go over the screen, 5 should step higher and 3 should fade to the corner.
See Quick hitters - Ohio State.

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