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Quick hitters


The action is triggered by the point guard, leading to a staggered downscreen or staggered flarescreen.

a) Stagger

1 passes to 4 and to cuts to the opposite corner, 2 drags the arc down to the corner and 5 steps up and off the lane, 4 passes to 3.

5 and 4 stagger screen for 2, 4 is the clean-up man, and must be ready to slip the screen to the basket if X4 is not between 4 and the basket.

2 reads X2 and will curl to the basket or into the lane, fade if X2 goes ballside of the screens, or fill to the top (shown).

Depending on the path of the cutter, 3 may dribble to the screening action. If 2 curls the screen, 3 should maintain proper spacing and not dribble at the cutter.

If 2 gets a pass at the top, 5 flarescreens for 4 then posts up on a pass.
See Offence - Carleton Ravens.

b) Double flare

1 passes to 3 and loops ballside, 5 steps down off the lane, 4 pins down for 2 (who drags the arc to set up his man).

3 immediately dribbles to the swing spot, 2 arrives at the weakside swing spot at the same time. 1 and 5 follow behind 3 to set a staggered flarescreen, 5 is the clean-up man and is a second behind 3 so he has time to adjust his screen depending on X3's path. 3 passes to 2 and comes off the screens. 1 is prepared to slip if defenders switch the first screen.

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