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Press breaks
Simple vs 1-2-1-1


A simple 1-2-1-1 press break. 5 is long. 3 looks to get the ball out and in before the defence can get set. The inbounds pass should go to 1. If the pass is ballside, 4 moves to the middle, 3 stays behind the ball as an safety. If the inbounds pass goes to 1 on the other side, 4 stays on the sideline, 2 flashes to the middle.

If there is no press, 2 and 4 release long into a secondary break.

"80" press break - Since the defence will often trap an inbounds pass to the corner, with varsity players the first look is 2 and 4 up the sidelines. On the pass to 1, ballside 2 moves up the sideline looking for a pass over the top. If 1 passes to 3, 1 circles back behind 3.
hoopsu.com - Against a zone press, always have somebody in the middle of the floor. 5 deep should always move opposite the ball.


If 1 is denied, after a two-count 2 and 4 break back hard (to the baseline if necessary), 1 cuts hard up the middle on an inbounds pass.

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