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Press breaks
La Chât 4-across

Use quick (but safe) inbounding to break the press before it gets set.

1 stacks behind 5, they break opposite against a zone press. Against a man press, 5 can screen for 1 in the stack, or screen away elbow to elbow, attackers can then usually clear out on a pass to 1.

Ken Atkins - 1 stacks 5-8 feet behind 5 on a dead-ball, or when the press-break organizes too slowly after a made basket.

Options (based on coachesclipboard.ca)

- to have another ballhandler back, 1 inbounds, 3 replaces 1, 4 replaces 3
- 1 and 5 stack and a) break opposite, b) screen for each other and break opposite, or c) one player breaks and the other stays in the middle.

5 goes to the middle on a pass to 1. Trailer 4 enters behind and opposite the ball, and stays behind the level of the ball until it crosses halfcourt. Use a 2-1-2 set to break a zone press once the ball is inbounded. Keep good spacing, don't allow one defender to defend two attackers.

The ballhandler should have a long pass option and three short pass options: a player ballside, middle, and back when the ball is on the side, and on each side and in the middle when the ball is in the middle.

If 1 is pressured and passes to the trailer, 3 breaks back. 4 has short pass options left, right and middle.

Avery Johnson

If double-teamed, square the floor with a player in the middle. If X3 rotates up to cover 4, 4 moves back to stretch the rotation, 3 finds an open area if 2 and 5 are denied. If 1 passes, don't try to get the ball back to him, push or pass it ahead.

On a pass to 3, 5 cuts to the ballside sideline and 1 to the middle.

2 breaks back if 3 is forced to make a return pass to 4.

Inbounds pass to 5, 1 cuts to the middle.

Rick Majerus - if 1 is denied on the pass to 5, 4 backscreens for a crackback by 1.

Ball reversal through the trailer. 1 and 5 cut on the pass to 2.

Here 5 screens away for 1, then opens to the ball.

Billy Donovan

- 5 screens for 1 then breaks long
- 2 breaks long.

coachesclipboard.ca - 1 starts at the top of the key (making it easier to go towards the ball), 5 starts in front of the ball and screens with his back to the ballside corner, 1 and 5 go opposite.

breakthroughbasketball.com - Against a zone press that pressures the inbounds passer, you should easily be able to inbounds the ball to the outside receivers. Against a man-to-man press that is denying the inbounds pass, you want them to break upcourt. The other two receivers screen for each other.

1 cuts to the ballside sideline on a pass to 2, 5 goes to the middle.

Rick Majerus - Always look to bypass with the wings. Every player who catches should catch butt to the sideline looking up the floor.

Ball reversal through the trailer. 5 and 2 cut on the pass to 3.

Here 5 screens for 1 in the stack.

Inbounds pass to 3, 1 cuts to the ballside sideline, 5 goes to the middle.

4 should run the baseline after a made basket or free throw.

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