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Press breaks
Dave Odom

Dave Odom

Get the ball in, attack the pressure and beat it. Attack pressure where it is applied, or it will keep coming after you. Always come to the ball and catch it. When there is a double-team, have three passes at once, one behind, one upcourt on the side, and one in the middle.

a) Press attack

2 and 1 can screen for each other. 4 inbounds and comes in ballside, behind the ball, 2 gets in the middle, 3 has to break the line of the defence at halfcourt, he can't be backside. 5 may have to come help if they are in trouble, but they should be OK.

They inbound with a guard on free throws.

They always want to throw middle, then look long, but if there is no pass to 2 or 3, 1 must throw back to 4, who takes it on the dribble if he is a good dribbler.
See Press breaks - LSU set.

2 stays in the middle, on the line of the ball and the basket (once in the middle on press attack, always in the middle), 1 passed to 4 so he stays behind the ball, 5 comes up.

Against a 2-2-1 you must take the ball to the level of the defence.

b) Away

Sometimes a big inbounds then runs up the backside, 2 gets behind the ball, 3 comes in the middle, look for a pass to the bigs. It's an easy way to get the big out of there, a guard is behind the ball.

See Arizona.

c) Speed attack (Tiger)

The rule for the players at halfcourt is that if the ball is thrown in away from you, you go long and stay long.

1 slices if he passes up the sideline to 5.

On reversal to 4, 2 reverses field and gets to the sideline, 4 takes it on the dribble, 1 slices to the middle (any time you reverse the ball), and 5 comes behind.

On a pass to 5, 1 gets to the ballside sideline, 4 slices middle (he reversed the ball), 2 comes behind the ball.

The idea is to get it to the first speed receiver. If you can pass it ahead, do it.

d) Long corner

Against a team that's good at denying the inbounds pass, 4 is under the basket, starts towards the side he wants to throw it to, then moves away. 2 comes into the middle, halfcourt 5 runs the long corner and gets the inbounds pass.

2 slices to the sideline, 1 slices in right behind him.

A good rule in basketball is leave an area, fill an area. The first slice guy takes defence with him, the second guy coming in behind is the one you probably want to hit.

On a pass to 4, 1 goes to the sideline, 5 slices, 2 comes behind.
See Bill Self 1-3-1 and LSU specials for plays using an inbounds pass to the far corner..

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