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Press breaks
Ashbury fullcourt

Full-rotation press offence. As variations, 5 stays in the middle (the other four attackers rotate around him), or 4 bumps 5 from the middle and stays there, see Press breaks - Middle, and Ashbury halfcourt.

a) Inbounds pass to 1

5 is at halfcourt, 2 and 3 are on the sidelines. 4 inbounds to 1 and trails the ball to provide a third short passing option, 3 goes deep for a long passing option opposite the ball.

Don't hold the ball overhead.

Dave Odom - 2 has to break the line of the defence at halfcourt.

Bill Self - don't inbounds to 1 against a hot press.

A pass to 5 in the middle is an attacking pass, his first look is opposite to 3.

Bill Self - on a pass to the middle, the trailer runs wide opposite, the passer becomes the new trailer (shown).

On a reversal pass to the trailer, 3 comes back hard, 2 goes long middle.

On a pass to 3, 5 goes short sideline, 2 short middle, and 1 long opposite.

See LSU set, Baylor.

In the Middle press break, 2 goes short sideline and 5 stays in the middle.

In the Double-middle press break, 5 goes short sideline and 1 goes short middle.

Dave Odom - the first slice guy takes defence with him, the second guy is the one you want to hit.
Ian MacKinnon - with an 8-second count, 4 goes short middle on the pass to 3.


b) Inbounds pass to 2

If 1 is denied he cuts across the foul line to the other side, 2 replaces him.

4 runs the baseline looking for 3 if 1 stays in the passing lane to 2.

5 goes short sideline on an inbounds pass to 2, 3 goes short middle.
Variation - 5 stays in the middle, 3 replaces 2, 1 replaces 3. see Press break - Middle.

5 goes long on a pass to the trailer.

Reversal to the other sideline.

c) Inbounds pass to 5

If 2 is denied when he cuts back to the foul-line extended, he goes long and 5 comes back in the middle. Look for a pass over the top to 2.

Option - 2 holds until 5 gets the inbounds pass, then breaks long.

1 slices up the middle on an inbounds pass to 5.

A pass from 5 to 1, 2 or 3 is an attacking pass.

5 clears long if he passes back to the trailer, the other players come back toward the ball.
Bill Self - if 5 (the worst ballhandler) passes, he is out of the play.

1-4 Set

1 screens for 2, 5 screens for 3 then goes to the top of the key as a release option, 1, 2 and 3 get to their press offence positions.

If 1 gets the inbounds pass, 5 goes short middle; if 1 is denied, he cuts up the middle, 5 gets the inbounds pass.

Option - pause for a second, against a zone press 4 should be able to hit one of the wings before the screening action.

Go 5 on 0, run motion for 5 passes at a basket, score the ball, run press offence upcourt then walk back while the next 5 players do the same.


1) Regular looks when 1 is denied are to bypass with 2 then 5, we can change the looks.

a) Bypass with 3

1 stays when denied, 4 runs the baseline and inbounds to 3, rotation is the same as if the ball had been reversed from 1 to 4 to 3.

b) Bypass with 5

1 cuts up the middle when denied, 5 breaks back to the ball for the inbounds pass.

Hoop Tactics - 2 and 3 break back if 5 is denied, 4 looks to make a long pass to 1, who breaks to the ballside sideline on an inbounds pass to 2 or 3 (4 runs the baseline).

2) Post the point guard

1 (preferably a big point guard) walks to post directly in front of the ball. If his defender is playing on one side or the other, 1 takes a small step at him to freeze him, uses an armbar to hold him off if necessary, indicates a target hand, and moves opposite his defender, a pass should be easy. If the defender is fronting, 1 signals for a lob pass over the top, which should also be an easy pass.

goxavier.com - 1 posts up and works for three seconds before 2 breaks back as pressure release (a tough cut to defend), 1 is full fronted, holds until 2 gets the inbounds pass, then sprints diagonally up the ballside sideline (replacing 2).

If X4 double-teams 1 when the ball is still out of bounds ("shortstop"), 1 moves down to the corner dragging the defenders with him, 3 flashes to the ball, unguarded 4 inbounds and breaks wide upcourt looking for a return pass.

Mario Blasone - if 3 cuts and is denied he should screen up for 2 to flash to the ball.

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