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Press break
Outlet-break drills



2 on 0

Outlet receiver 1 creates space with a misdirect cut then shows his target hands on a circle cut back to the ball (for a control pass), a back cut away from the ball (an attack pass), or an exit cut if the rebounder dribbles (when jammed). 1 starts at different spots on the floor, makes different cuts.

The rebounder calls "ball", 1 calls "outlet" for a pass" or "take it" for a break-out dribble.

Variation - coach shoots, 4 rebounds a miss or inbounds a make (where 1 has a little more time to get wide then break back to the middle).


2 on 1 - Coach shoots

a) Defender on the outlet player. On a make, If X1 shows chest, O1 takes a couple of hard steps into X1 then back cuts; if X1 shows fingertips/forearm, 1 takes a couple of hard steps into X1 then face cuts to get in front - swim over a low arm, rip underneath a high arm. If the defender takes away the step-over, spin back the opposite direction.

O1 makes the same reads on a miss, but must also read a break-out dribble by the rebounder.

b) Defender on the rebounder. If he jams the rebounder on a miss, outlet calls "take it", rebounder break-out dribbles and passes ahead; if he plays off or behind the rebounder, pass to outlet ("outlet").


2 on 2

Live, to halfcourt. O1 and O4 box out on the shot.


- X4 can double team the outlet
- Coach stands at halfcourt, can give a target for a pass from the outlet, otherwise the outlet must dribble the ball. On a pass to coach, O1 face cuts his check looking for a return pass.


3 on 2 (then 3 on 3, 4 on 4)

Two outlets with defenders. The outlets box out, the ballside player gets the outlet pass, the other player breaks upcourt. Outlets read how they are being guarded, misdirect away from the space they want to cut into. Look upcourt on the outlet pass. Finish 2 on 2 fullcourt.


- add a defender on the rebounder for 3 on 3
- add another rebounder in the lane with defender for 4 on 4, whichever rebounder does not get the ball on a make or miss runs to the far rim, rebounder trails, weakside player fills a lane.

Variation - team that gets the rebound is on offence.


4 on 3

3 is a pressure release player. 3 breaks up the ballside outside lane. If primary outlet 1 can't get the ball (usually after a make), 1 cuts up the middle while 3 breaks hard back to the ball for a pass, and looks to pass quickly to 1 on a contact cut.


- on a make, double team the ballside outlet with the defender of the inbounds passer
- on a miss, rebounder O4 looks long upcourt to attack vertically against a team that face guards off a miss.


4 on 4

Add a defender on the third perimeter player.


- start with players in assigned positions
- have the attackers move around inside the lane or 3-point area
- whichever team rebounds is on attack
- repeat 5 on 5.

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