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Dave Odom double team

Dave Odom

Baseline players dribble to halfcourt and jump stop between two double-teamers, who just shadow the ball the first time, they can't knock it out. Ballhandlers give the double team proper respect but don't fear it, someone is open, look through the double team, don't look at it. Try to bring the ball down, get it from hip to hip, show up and go through (step), show down and go over (pass). Use your pivot but don't turn your back, you'll never turn back again.

On "go", the ballhandlers dribble to the other end, repeat coming back, then switch with a defender (or use managers/coaches as double-teamers).


- double-teamers can try to knock the ball out
- dribblers jump stop at each foul line, working on ball movement and pivoting without defenders.

Here the ballhandlers jump stop at each foul line coming back.

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