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Bust out

Bill Pangos

4 throws the ball off the backboard, rebounds, pivots outside, fakes the outlet pass, takes a couple of bust-out dribbles, and lobs to 1 for a layup. 4 sprints to follow, rebounds and lobs (or baseball passes) to 1 coming back. The next pair goes when 1 shoots at the far basket.

Roy Williams - 4 tosses the ball off the board, rebounds in front (not directly overhead), pivots outside, drags the ball low, takes two dribbles, pitches ahead to 1, putting arc on the ball, letting 1 run underneath it (a coach can try to intercept the pass). 1 takes off on the second dribble (the first dribble is an escape dribble, on the second dribble 4 is taking it, everyone else releases as hard as they can). Change roles at the other basket, 1 busts out, 4 goes to the outlet position.

Fabian McKenzie

Outlet players start at halfcourt, cut towards the ball, then break upcourt when they see the bust-out dribble. Use lines on both sides, switch lines.

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