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5star beating traps

Scott Adubato

A good point guard goes back to get the ball. Use your body to get open if denied, get low, put your body into the defender, step and cut. You may need to split him and spin off. Catch foul-line extended (not in the corner), back to the sideline, see up the floor.

If a trap comes and you pick up the ball, pivot wide or get low, split the trap (be strong with the ball).

If defenders are late on the trap, attack the bigger, slower defender, dribble hard at him, try to split the two defenders (crossover), get it up the floor.

If you can't split, take 1 or 2 hard dribbles, pullback, crossover, go dribble out the big man outside.

Also look to pass up the sideline over a defender's head, or with a sideline bounce pass.

Also see Dribbling - 5star point-guard push.

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