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Zig-zag with layups

Ian MacKinnon

Two teams. On team O, 1 tosses the ball off the backboard, rebounds, outlets to 2, and follows the pass to take 2's place. 2 passes to 3 and follows the pass, etc. When 5 passes to 6, 6 dribbles outside the sideline, takes a layup, rebounds, outlets to 1 and follows the pass. The drill is over when all the players have taken a layup (1 is last) and are back in their original positions (6 will be back at the top). Time each team, deduct 5 seconds for each made layup.

- which team can make the most baskets in X minutes
- 6 dribbles to replace 1 without taking a layup.

See Passing - Follow the pass, Zig-zag.

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