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Team passing tag

2 teams in a halfcourt. All players on team X are dribbling balls, team O has one ball. In one minute, Team O tries to tag as many members of team X with the ball as it can. No dribbling or travelling allowed for team O, only passing and movement without the ball. Here O6 runs up close to X1, gets a pass from O1, and reaches out to tag X1 with the ball. Switch "it" teams for the next round.


- X1 leaves the court when tagged
- X1 is frozen when tagged, with arms in the air tipping a ball back and forth
- teammates can unfreeze him by dribbling between his legs
- players on team X are running without balls, not dribbling (harder to be tagged).
Bob Hurley - Passing tag - 5 on 5 halfcourt, only one team has a ball and is trying to tag players on the other team with the ball, without travelling or dribbling. Players that are tagged step off, go until all are tagged (limit of two minutes), then switch teams. Whichever team gets done first, one player goes to the foul line, if he makes it the other team runs an 8-second up and back, or does 10 push-ups or crunches.
basketballcoachingnotes.blogspot.com - you can go up to 8 on 8, or play it 4 on 8 for disadvantage.
See Passing - Rabbit.

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