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Tauer 4 on 3

John Tauer

4 stationary attackers and three defenders. Attackers should pass fake as soon as they get the ball, it freezes the defence but also slows down the attackers and allows them to see who's open and who isn't. A pass fake has to sell the defence, be discernible, deliberate, not hyper-speed.

The defence should pressure the ball, not just mirror it, make the ballhandler back off his spot (travel) and have to force a pass. If an attacker throws away the ball, give it back to him.

Continue, then switch defence and offence.
Sherri Coale - Hoosier square - a sureness drill (be sure with the ball, don't turn it over). Attackers can maybe take one step off the blocks and elbows, in a square. Two minutes, coach passes to an attacker, play keep-away, you can't throw it back to the guy who passed to you, if a defender touches the ball he goes off, an attacker becomes a defender, a new attacker comes on. Call names when you pass, fake a pass to make a pass.

See Passing - Jack Bennett tight quarters, Press break - Hofstra blitz box.

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