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Bull in the ring

Frankston Blues

Players in the circle pass to each other but can't pass to the players beside them (Basketball Australia - this can be a progression). Defender X1 pressures the ball with active hands (don't sag off), if he intercepts or touches a pass, the passer replaces the defender in the middle. Fake a pass to make a pass, no lollipop passes over the top of the defender.


- use two or more balls
- use two or more defenders inside the circle
- make the circle bigger or smaller
- put a time limit on the ballhandlers to make a pass (e.g. 3 seconds)
- use up to 8 players for the circle (Greenvale Grizzlies)
Bill Pangos - Bull in the ring - five passers in a circle, they can't hold the ball longer than a two-count, or pass to the player next to them, replace the defender if he touches a pass or the offence makes a bad pass.

See Press break - Duke man in the middle.

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