Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

4 on 0 sideline



4 passes to 1 then sprints to centre and back to the front of the rim. 1 passes to 2 and cuts to midcourt, 2 passes to 3 and cuts to the opposite corner, 3 passes to 1 and cuts to the near wing.


1 dribbles, passes to 2 moving towards the ball high and wide. 4 posts up and gets the ball, then 2 screens away for 1. 3 spaces high and wide weakside, in 4's vision if 4 turns to the middle. Emphasize timing of cuts, arrival of the ball and receiver at the same time, and horizontal and vertical spacing. Perimeter players should be one step outside the 3-point line, and be above the "up line" as much as possible so they have vertical space to drive in both directions, cut, and feed the post. The "up line" is parallel to and one step below the foul line. Players go through all positions, then change sides.

Variation - 2 dribble penetrates, others space for a kick-out pass.

Alison McNeill - the upline runs through the bottom of the free-throw circle.

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