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Pitt 4-out 1-in motion

Jamie Dixon

Spacing is key (at least 12-15 feet). Stay wide with the wings above the foul line, there is room to backcut and drive baseline, and opportunities for 5 to post up. Make defences close out late and off balance. Create driving opportunities off screens, but don't screen guard to guard. Backscreen for passers. Dribble only to pass on a fade or flare.


5 can be ballside or weakside. An open post gives room to backcut or curl cut. Here 1 passes to 2, basket cuts, and can cross-screen for 5 or post up (shown).

1 backscreens for 2 on a pass to 4.

2 can cross-screen for 5 on a pass to 1.


1 passes to 4 and diagonal screens for 2. 1 takes one step to the basket to test the basket cut (if his defender doesn't jump to the ball) and get a better angle on the screen, then screens butt to the ball. 1 will basket cut if X1 does not jump to the ball, or slip to the basket if defenders switch.

2 stays wide, waits on the screen, and watches the defence (the 3 W's). 2's options include backcut if X2 is even with or above him, curl tight if X2 trails, pop out to the slot, and bump and fade ("seven") if X2 goes under the screen (ballside).

Curl and screen is another option (shown), 2 curls the screen then screens for 1 (a shooter), who pops out for a pass. 4 brings it on the dribble, 3 and 2 fill behind.

See Pitt screening in Shooting.


Here 1 passes to 4 and diagonal screens for 2, ballside 5 backscreens for 2, who can use either screen.


1 passes to 4, 5 backscreens for 2, flarescreens for 1 then posts up. 4 brings it on the dribble, 3 and 2 fill behind.

1 takes his man in (get him ballside) then backs out, hands ready, butt down. If X1 goes over the screen, 1 is probably looking to sweep baseline. If X1 goes under the screen, 1 pops out, 5 re-screens (turns to downscreen).
Set flarescreens only with the ball at the guard spot.

When 1 passes back to 4, 5 can backscreen.

If X1 goes under the screen (trailing 1), 5 pops out. If X1 goes over the screen (ballside), 5 re-screens, 1 fades to the corner. If the defenders switch, 5 breaks off the screen and cuts to the basket, 1 pops.

5 re-screens for 1 (goes to get him in the lane), then posts up.

5 doesn't flash cut a lot (follow the ball), he backscreens, and seals on the weakside as the ball is reversed.

On a post-entry pass, 1 can dive to the basket (Laker cut), usually going opposite his passing hand, 4 replaces him.

If X1 traps 5, 1 relocates baseline, 4 replaces.

Or 1 can pass to 5 and screen for 4 (split action).

If 4 backcuts, 1 pops back to the wing (always an option there for 5).

If defenders switch and 1 breaks off to the basket, 4 replaces on the wing.

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