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Leitao 4-out 1-in motion

Dave Leitao 4-Game

Keep it simple for the players, take the thought process out, a thinking mind means slow feet.

The four perimeter spots are foul-line extended and lane lines extended, keep all four spots filled (don't cheat the spots, it leads to steal opportunities and you start dribbling without a purpose). 5 sits under the rim in transition then picks a side for the entire possession, leaving the other side open. Maybe sometimes the wings run to the baseline. The biggest key is movement, and the key to movement is speed, as fast as possible. After a pass there is a cut, especially by a ballhandler. All the cuts have names.

1 passes to 2 and basket cuts (hand up, ask for the ball), 4 and 3 fill spots, 2 has to have an outlet. 5 asks for the ball when it's on his side.

On a catch, get into triple threat, don't put the ball above your head.

Denial opens up the middle of the court, just make a backdoor cut (plant the outside foot) and fill. The cutter calls "Jersey", their name for a backcut. Come under control, it's a crowded area.

Use backdoor cuts as pressure release, don't fight pressure, just go backdoor.

Dribble options

Loop - on a middle drive from the wing or from the top, a teammate comes behind, if the ballhandler gets to help defence (two guys guarding the ball), he will jump stop and reverse pivot.

Loop by 4 on a middle drive from the wing.

Crackback and Fade - 3 drives baseline from the wing, there is a crackback by 4 and 2 fades into the corner.

Try to fill opposite the ball.

The drive by 3 takes away 4's ability to be a cutter, he has to see that. If you are in the middle of a cut, try to get to spots on a drive. If two guys are going to the same spot, just talk.

They designate who can be really aggressive with the ball on the open wing, go knee to knee, beat your man, 75-80% baseline. Attack the defensive weak links.

In 5 on 5 practice, pass and cut until somebody puts it on the floor for a loop, crackback or fade.

On a middle drive from the strongside wing, 5 gets to the dunker spot with his rear end to the baseline.

On a baseline drive he gets to the middle of the floor for a bounce pass.

Two-man basketball games

You can dribble only to attack the basket or to fill a spot.

On the pass to 2, 1 cuts then 4 cuts, the first cutter is the passer, the second is the scorer. 2 dribbles out top to replace 1.

2 passes to 1 on the wing and cuts, 5 screens for 4, who can curl or fade the screen.

Everyone always reads the ball, 3 gives this some time to work and won't cut from the top while this is going on.

Utah screen

Decide who will ballscreen, 4 or 3. Pass and cut until he catches the ball, passes and follows to ballscreen (e.g., slot to wing, slot to slot), he can pick and pop or roll (on the open side).

Run the 4-game (motion) until about 10 seconds on the shot clock, then run Utah.

Backscreen with 5

Sometimes they will always have 5 backscreen for the passer when the ball is on the strongside wing, 5 doesn't get it, and a pass is made out top.

5 can re-screen for 2, or pop out as pressure release then re-screen if he doesn't get the ball.

If 2 instead dribbles out to fill the top (e.g., 4 is late replacing 1), then 5 will flarescreen for 2.

4 gets his passing angle in order, it's a two-man game on a pass to 2.

Phoenix screen

They will allow 5 to come out of the post, particularly if the ball is at the top, sometimes for pressure release but most often for a ballscreen. A lot of times at the end of the shot clock it's a flat screen, the wings drop to the corners, the ballhandler's partner spaces out.

You can use motion against a zone defence, but when you cut, stop in the middle of the zone and ask for the ball.

Stay with man-to-man offence against a Box and 1 or Triangle and 2. Tell the players not being guarded that they are being disrespected. He may allow 5 to go block to block against a Triangle and 2, and have one or both guarded guys move away from the top (toward the baseline) to create an advantage with one zone defender covering two attackers.

For pressure entries, screen down from a box set, or stack on the blocks and pop out, or cross the wings, e.g., from a 1-4 set, shown, get to motion spots after the entry pass.

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