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Gonzaga 4-out 1-in motion

Mark Few

Gonzaga moves the bigs out early to spread the defence, then slides them into the basket area off screens or cuts. They often have designated screeners and shooters, and are constantly trying to get the skilled players open off screens. Use only one action and reaction each time, pass and face cut or screen away. Cutting actions flatten out the defence. 50% of action should come from cuts to the basket, 50% from popping and screening. Backcut on a pass fake or when someone dribbles at you, take your man an extra step out past the arc. Use feet to get open.

The screener puts a fist in the air and calls the cutter's name. On every screen there is an inside cut and an outside cut. Players talk with their hands - show the inside hand on a backcut or curl cut, the outside hand when popping out. Make them pay however they defend the screen.


To initiate the action, 5 can backscreen then re-screen for 3 and get back in the post.


Stagger screen by the bigs for a shooter.


1 passes, basket cuts, screens for 5, then uses a downscreen from 4.


1 passes to the corner, 4 and 1 double screen away, second screener 1 slips to the basket, post 5 moves to the short corner to open up the slip, 3 dribble out of the corner.

Throw to the corner if you can't throw guard to guard, to isolate the post, or to look for slip guy 1 if teams like to switch. On a throw to the corner, you want it back out of there (dribble out).

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