Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Defence and Post Play

Milan Mrkonjic (Lausanne, 26/8/06)


•    force sideline - best defenders

•    better passing angles in the middle

•    post line of 45 degrees dangerous, best position to pass inside

•    keep the ball out of the lane

•    current thinking - on-ball defender between dribbler and the basket, parallel stance, go left and right, don’t drop step

•    defend between the elbows - if you can’t do that you are on the bench

•    if you get beat, recover, don’t yell for help

•    help with penetration on the second dribble, not the first, then recover

•    if the point guard has to pass it back out top, shouldn’t have to go back to get it

•    decide on a philosophy - deny, allow entry pass, etc.

•    choose systems based on players

•    low help defender straddles midline

•    high help defender straddles foul lane line

•    shooter in corner, his defender doesn’t help

•    5 on 5 shell, vary positions

•    baseline penetration, pass to far corner for easy shot (option - screen by weakside post)

•    you help the player who merits help

Post play

•    high post - shooter, passer

•    posts are good with both hands, rebounding, run basket to basket; need warm-up, stretching

•    tipping - can be against wall; then tip in, then catch with two hands, tip in

•    roll the ball from the elbow down the lane line (loose ball), pick it up (jump stop), score

•    break - 2 free throws, 5 pushups for each miss

•    Mikan and reverse Mikan

•    Superman - outside the lane each time, jump stop

•    from up top, spin a pass to the side, jump stop, pivot and score (hook shot); then reverse pivot to face up (bring ball overhead and down while pivoting); then forward pivot middle, shoot or up and under

•    getting the ball - face defender first

•    get the ball, reverse pivot to create space

•    dribble middle, reverse baseline

•    if defender is close, spin baseline (forward pivot), finger roll (defensive counter - forearm in back, but a step back from the attacker); spin then step through middle, hook shot

•    2 players, 1 shooter at the foul line, 1 rebounder makes a putback on any miss; then ball slam, score; then ball slam, score, 3 two-hand backboard touches

•    1 shooter, 2 rebounders, both fight to score; then one boxes out the other

•    3-man weave to centre, pass to coach, then drop back (defensive footwork), coach passes to an exterior player, middle player boxes out the other player; or pass to middle player for 1 on 2; or exterior player penetrates and passes, middle player boxes out.

•    inbounds passer with defender, two attackers, pass and shot, inbounder rebounds

•    passing - outlet pass so important on fast break; skip pass low post to opposite wing

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