Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Martigny (9/9/06)

Post Play (Sebastien Roduit)

•    two lines on baseline, spin passes to elbows, post move

•    player facing and in front of basket, turns on “go” for pass from coach out top

•    show target hand away from defender, but jump behind the ball on the pass to catch with two hands, otherwise defender will move to deflect the pass

•    don’t dribble in the lane

•    shoot with hand opposite defender (hook shot, 90 degrees to defender)

•    lean into him on the shot with shoulder, continue pushing after the shot to get rebounding position

•    back to basket, forward pivot baseline foot, step under and shoot, or step through

•    watch defender’s feet

•    1 on 1 in the lane with passer up top, then both players facing the basket shoulder to shoulder to start, then whoever gets the pass is the attacker

•    don’t want to move to much to get open, hard for the passer

•    moves

      •    spin move - forward pivot on baseline foot (pivot on heel) towards the basket (not baseline), one dribble

      •    reverse pivot to the middle, one or two dribbles, jump stop, jump hook

      •    same thing except reverse pivot on the inside (baseline) foot, turn the head first

      •    or forward pivot on the other foot, can step through middle

•    go 1 on 0, 1 on 1, 2 on 2, lots of reps

•    preferred position - in front of the rim

•    on the block - too many dribbles

•    they don’t face up - too hard with good defenders, help comes from perimeter

•    used term “short corner”


•    passing inside - from wing, corner, top (no helpside from there)

•    be on the line between the basket and the ball, hard to defend

•    wing player decides what to do before getting a pass - shoot, pass, drive; no triple threat at a high level

•    on a pass from the top to the wing, the low post (facing the defender) steps to the middle with the bottom foot, reverse pivots to seal, or steps in with the top foot and forward pivots (timing - step and seal on the pass)

•    on a pass from the wing to the low post, the wing takes two steps towards the top, then cuts to the corner on a dribble

•    zone attack - the low post screens for the player running to the ballside corner, then steps inside to seal the next defender (step between his legs, pivot)

•    pass to the low post - a high pass to the target hand (not a bounce pass), easier to catch and turn

•    if the low post attacks baseline, there should be a player in the weakside corner and weakside wing for reversal after a pass to the corner

•    the weakside low goes up the middle of the lane

•    if the low post attacks middle, the weakside low post (a) fades to the corner if he is a shooter, or (b) curls under the basket and the weakside wing drifts to the corner (can’t have two in a row along the baseline)

•    skip pass from low post to other wing - 45 degrees, not flatter (wing may have to move out)

•    pass to low post - high post cuts to other block


•    800 metre warmup (5 minutes), can then run 100%

•    hurdles (two-foot), agility ladder (step NE, NW, jump stop ahead; hop scotch)

•    square with 60 metre diagonal, sprint the diagonal, then jog three sides before sprinting the other diagonal, continue 3 to 7 sprints total

•    core strength - bridge, face down, then raise and lower body, then one arm and opposite leg, switch

•    also bridge face up, and sideways on one forearm

•    option - use Swiss ball

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