Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Bernex (15/10/06)

Post play

•     the centre circle - to discuss problems, ask questions

•     4-out, 1-in offence - give and go, replace the interior player, perimeter players rotate to fill positions near the ball, interior player takes the last spot

•     direct or blast drive - quick, hard dribble outside the drive foot to avoid traveling and protect the ball

•     21 position, beside the lane, parallel to the baseline, basket level, catch and reverse pivot - shoot, crossover drive into layup, step-back, reverse, bully move

•     post flash cut from weakside - stop in the middle of the lane

•     wing passes to low post who skip passes to opposite wing, initial passer cuts to the middle, reacts to ballhandler (rebounds a shot, spaces on penetration, otherwise cuts to the basket)

•     bra roulι - hook shot

•     cadet level - posts occupy high post, or low post on each side

•     perimeter spacing - well outside the arc in European play

•     using a screen - go opposite the defender (e.g., low if the defender is high)

•     Danilovitch (Bologna) - when using a screen, stops to jam the defender on his back, then sprints

•     screener gives a signal to the cutter, e.g., if the defender is playing high, screens low and signals with his hand on that side

Getting open

•     passer on the wing, weakside low attacker, defender on baseline under the basket, go 1 on 1 on ball slap

•     then passer out top, attacker and defender at opposite low posts

•     against a zone - passer on wing, weakside low post cuts above the foul line, seals a smaller defender at the top of the zone for a pass

•     passer on wing, ballside post up, skip pass to other wing, low post seals for a pass (e.g., reverse pivot on bottom foot, or forward pivot)

•     posting up - other arm under the defender’s arm to keep him from deflecting a pass to the target hand

•     cross screen then seal xcutter

•     against a zone - baseline screen for cutter to corner, then step in the seal next defender, then step back out (another chance for a pass)

Conditioning - Thierry

•     coordination is the difference

•     warmup - run diagonals and sidelines, e.g., backwards, shuffle

•     2 players back to back, player passes off the wall, other reacts to catch the ball

•     both players on baseline, one rolls a ball, the other gets it inside the are

•     speed - 2 balls on the floor about 6 feet apart, figure-8 shuffle around them

•     in pairs, one dribbles halfway, passes, runs backwards, partner dribble, passes and runs backwards (option - turn and sprint, shuffle)

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