Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Be One (Canada Basketball)

Jordan Series

•    jab, shoot - short jab step with right foot, move ball down to right knee, left foot stays on floor, raise the ball back up for jump shot

•    jab, shot fake, one dribble layup- short jab, short shot fake (ball to forehead), pull ball down to dribble pocket (waist height, wrist wrinkled, elbow by your hip), explode with a big step by right foot, put the ball down low and outside right foot, one-dribble layup

•    jab, shot fake, one-dribble crossover - jab, shot fake, pull ball down to left dribble pocket, crossover with right foot, put the ball down with left hand beside right foot, one-dribble left-hand layup

•    jab, shot fake, one-dribble pull-up

•    jab, shot fake, one-dribble crossover pull-up

•    jab, shot fake, dribble right, hesitation dribble with head fake to freeze the help defender, explode to the basket for a power layup

•    jab, shot, crossover left, hesitation dribble with head fake, left-hand power layup.

Guided Defence

•    defending the wing entry pass:

      •    closed sag - defender's hand in the passing lane - attacker blast cuts to get open

      •    closed deny - elbow in the passing lane - attacker back cuts to the rim

      •    open sag - defender in help position below the line - attacker face cuts to the rim

Christine Stapleton - Transition

•    wing in corner

      •    back cut with defender’s elbow in passing lane

      •    face cut with defender low, fingertips in passing lane

      •    sweep and go with defender on and up the line

      •    reverse and go with defender tight and high on the body of the wing player

      •    pivot to square with defender playing off, over an arm’s length away

Greg Francis - Shooting

•    try to leave the ground and land in the same spot

•    never miss a shot short (use deeper knee bend, higher follow through)

Chris O’Rourke - Close-out

•    hand up to contest shot, other hand swiping at the ball

•    first step needs to be long when dribbler puts it on the floor, get your chest in front of the ball to force a pick-up or change of direction

•    watch for dribbler to come to a stop and bring his other hand to the ball, anticipate with a hand swiping to the triple threat area

•    on a shot, contest, hit, pivot to box and get your elbows high to get the rebound

•    on a pass, jump to the ball with back to baseline, ready to help or smash the flash

Wave dribbling

•    spread out facing coach, dribble whichever direction he points, parallel stance

•    with kids, make it a personal challenge

•    coach pretends to dribble with right hand, kids use left hand (mirror coach), then switch

•    then coach does parallel or perpendicular dribble, either hand

•    two players without balls, call dribbler’s name, if they put up two hands, get and return a pass (dribbler does not pivot to pass, pass in the plane of the body), otherwise no pass

•    pair up, one facing coach and mirrors him, other facing partner and mirrors partner

•    then player facing partner defends up close (no ball) - dirty shirt defence, all over him

•    3-player wave (a) dribbler with defender, facing wave player, passes on signal to wave player and closes out, former defender is the new wave player; (b) on signal, pass to wave player and get return pass, attack the basket on signal from wave player


•    no static stretching - twisting, bending,

Spin dribble

•    one of the most important

•    dribble, pull it to your hip, then reach down, use the energy of the ball coming up to pull it to your hip, then pull your hip away with 90 degree reverse pivot

•    tight radius going up the floor - pull it to the hip, pull the hip away

•    international post players dribble in the post, go middle, then spin dribble baseline if the middle is taken away

•    parallel stance, dribble and jab with foot on same side (Iverson - ball outside and back), use a little crow hop to keep rear foot in a power position, see shoulder go by, see chest change direction

•    jab with the other foot - getting into step-backs (practice along the 3-point line)

Perpendicular and parallel dribble

•    perpendicular (crab) dribble - when defender is close, attacker probes with top foot, see shoulder go by, keep on the body (KOB) to prevent recovery, see chest change direction

•    parallel dribble - face defender when there is space, more options

Speed dribble

•    defender is running - inside-out, and roll crossover (crossed over in the air, pushed with the hand, much quicker, can do it at speed)

•    don’t walk the ball up the floor, close space as fast as possible under control

•    defender also closes space fast, meets the attacker as far up the floor as possible

•    drill - attacker and defender on opposite baselines, go 1 on 1 one side (option - dribbler passes to defender at centre, go the other way)

Being Coachable (an empty cup)

•    listen, concentrate

•    positive outlook

•    accept constructive criticism

•    prepared to practice

•    willing to try new ideas

Balance and Agility

•    importance of proprioceptors in balance

•    Karate kid stance - stand on one leg, other knee up and forward, arms out to the side

•    then YWTA - arms form Y, W, T, A

•    then shuffle left, right into stance

•    then catch and pass each time

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