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Paul Hewitt diamond passing

Paul Hewitt

Four lines of players, with a ball at the top and under the basket.

1 dribbles left, then spins dribbles right, 2 goes out one step then cuts backdoor for a pass and layup (in a game, 2 would take his man out one step on the spin dribble then backcut as 1 drives at X2's back). 1 follows his pass.

At the same time, 3 v-cuts away then straight towards the ball for a pass from 5, who follows his pass.

For spacing, 1 and 3 stay outside the arc.

To continue, 8 v-cuts for a pass from 3 then spin dribbles at 7 to send him backdoor. 3 follows his pass, 4 will then v-cut for a pass from 6.

Go the other way too.

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