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Sideline Rose X-out

Lee Rose

3 cuts, 2 cuts off 3's back, 5 downscreens, 1 breaks out top for the inbounds pass, 4 dives to the near block, run a specific play.

X-out can be used to score in short-clock situations. With four seconds or less on the clock, the player receiving the inbounds pass must make a play, his teammates should flatten out. With 5-10 seconds, there is time to run a pick-and-roll, looking to penetrate or draw and kick.

Tom Izzo - post iso - the inbounder steps inbounds, 5 turns and seals for a post-up, the lane is cleared out for him.

Kyle Gilreath - 3 runs off a screen from 2 who then clears to the far corner, 4 looks for 5 breaking back to the ball unless they need a 3-point shot.

Brendan Malone - after screening, 5 cuts back to the ball as a safety valve in case 4 can't pass to 1.

Pick and pop - down two points, 5 comes back out to pick and pop, 2 and 3 spot up in the corners (the best shooter should be on the side that 1 drives).

(Variation - 5 picks and rolls, 4 replaces)

Malone - X-out can be used against three-quarter court pressure.

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