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Sideline Rockets


A Houston Rockets side-out. 3 fakes down the lane then steps out for the inbounds pass, 1 follows for a handback, 2 steps up the lane, 4 moves into the middle of the lane, 5 moves across and ballscreens for 1, 3 starts towards the baseline after the handback.

1 dribbles to the wing, 3 uses a staggered backscreen from 2 and 4, then 2 comes off a downscreen from 5, who headhunts X2 after the ballscreen for 1.

Puerto Rico runs basically the same play except that 5 gets the inbounds pass and uses the staggered backscreen after the handback. 2 must be prepared to set the screen high in the lane because X5 will likely go high to catch up to 5.

Screen-the-screener action can follow, in this case 4 could downscreen for 2 with 3 spacing out to the corner.

Another version is to have 2 move out to the corner instead of setting a second backscreen, 4 downscreens for 3 after the ballscreen. This creates less traffic in the lane and gives 4 a chance to slip the screen or post up (there is no help defender who can sag into the lane)..

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