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Horns fast break

4 always inbounds to 1, and trails the play on the weakside. 1 looks to pass ahead. 2 runs the left lane and 3 the right lane to the corners, flattening the defence and flowing into Horns. 5 runs upcourt, turns and seals any defender at the T, and moves to the ballside block if 1 headmans to 2 or 3, who would look to pass inside to 5, drive the basket, shoot, or skip pass.

On a missed shot, if 1 does not get the rebound, he breaks to get a ballside outlet pass from the rebounder, the first big rim runs, e.g., 4 if 5 is the rebounder.

Coaching option - 1 and 2 are interchangeable, 2 is the point guard if he gets a defensive rebound, 1 fills the right lane.

When 1 cannot headman to 2, 3, or 5 on a primary fast break he dribbles hard into the front court to initiate a Horns secondary break before the defence is fully set up. The first big flashes up to the ballside high post, the trailer sprints into position on each play.

If 1 brings the ball up the middle, the first big flashes to his regular high-post position in the half-court Horns attack (right or left elbow).

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