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Horns 45 iso


1 passes to high post 4 and goes opposite. 5 cuts to the basket looking for a pass from 4, then clears to the baseline creating a 1-on-1 isolation for 4. 2, 3 and 1 spot up.

If 4's defender overplays to deny the pass from 1, 4 seals the defender and cuts to the basket looking for a lob pass.

Variation - 5 clears to the ballside short corner (Hoop Tactics).


4 shoots or drives the basket either side.

Option - 1 exchanges with or screens away for 2.


Dribble hand-off option
(based on coachesclipboard.ca)

4 drives quick and hard towards 3's defender and makes a short toss to 3, who goes by shoulder to shoulder. 3 will

- curl for a jump shot if X4 is not in a position to help
- stop behind 4 for a hand-off and shot if X3 goes behind the screen, or drive opposite if X3 comes out from behind the screen
- backcut for a bounce pass and layup if his defender cheats over the screen.

4 will turn the corner and drive for a layup if he reads that his defender is stepping out to help on the hand-off and X3 is trying to get over the screen.


Another option - exchange or split cut entry (see USC quick hitter, Horns 1 fist), can be used to switch 4 and 5 into better positions (e.g., a left-hander at the right high post)

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