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Horns 45 Arizona backdoor


See the Arizona high posts offence

5 looks to pass to 2 on the backcut, or shoot if his defender helps on 2.


Otherwise 5 makes a strong dribble to the centre of the free-throw area, then 3 comes toward 5 looking for a hand-off to drive the basket (inside or outside), kick the ball out to 1 in the ballside corner, or pass to 4 ducking in. If 3's defender cheats, 3 cuts down the middle of the lane looking for a pass.

5 can hand-off to 3, pass to 4 ducking into the lane, or pass to 2 coming off 4's screen.

Once 2 goes through on the backcut, 5 can also look to attack the basket one-on-one.

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