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Horns 23 Sixers

1 passes to 2, basket cuts off 5 and posts up, 4 and 5 set a staggered downscreen for 3.

4 gets to 3's defender as low and quickly as possible. Clean-up man 5 adjusts his position based on whether X3 goes inside or outside 4, his screen is at or below the foul line so 3 can be in shooting range.

3 and 5 must read X3. Here X3 tails 3 around 4 (goes manside), so 5's screen is aligned with 4's outside shoulder. 5 looks to slip the screen if there is space between defenders.

Jeff Bauer - the second screen should be higher or lower than the second screener, the cutter should never curl off the first screen, run his defender through both screens.

John Brady - 5 reads the first screen to clean up X3 then reads X3 again to hold or readjust his screen, 3 will curl or fade the last screen.

Horns 1 Sixers - 1 dribble pushes 2 to the ballside block (see Horns 1 Barcelona for a similar play with an initial midscreen for 1).

2 passes to 3 who passes to 1 coming off a staggered screen by 5 and 4.

Option - 4 and 5 then screen for 2.

Here X3 goes ballside of the first screen, so 5's screen is aligned with 4's inside shoulder.

When X3 goes ballside on the second screen, 5 readjusts his screen, 3 fades to the wing, and 2 dribbles towards the top to make a pass.

Option (coachesclipboard.ca) - 3 fades if X3 goes ballside of the first screen, 4 readjusts his screen to pin X3.

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