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Horns 1 wildcats


1 dribbles off shooter 4, 5 flarescreens for 4 then slips to the basket.

Use 2 or 3 at the top if 4 is not a shooter or to make it harder for the defence to switch (see Quick hitter - High and wing).

coachesclipboard.ca - if X4 hard hedges on the ballscreen, 5 can just cut down the lane and 4 cuts to the other side of the floor as if he had received the flarescreen.
Lason Perkins - Flare - 5 flarescreens for 4 then ballscreens for 1 and rolls, 2 fills behind the ballscreen, looking for a post feed on a throwback from 1.
See Quick hitter - Handback to flarescreen (5 flarescreens for 4 then ballscreens for 1 and rolls).
coachesclipboard.ca - Greek ballscreen to ballscreen - 1 uses a ballscreen from 5, 4 flarescreens for 5 then picks for 1 and pops (variation - 5 picks and rolls, 4 picks and pops).
Option - run Horns 1 Barcelona if 1 uses 5's ballscreen, also see Offence - Xavier middle ballscreens (Stagger, Stagger flare).

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