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Free throws

Two teams, one at each basket. Players shoot two foul shots then rotate, which team can make the most swishes in a given time (2-4 minutes)?

Progression - consecutive swishes.
Ray Lokar
a) Sweet 16 - two teams, each player shoots two and rotates, a swish is +2, any other make is +1, a miss is -1. First team to 16 wins, you can't go below 0.
b) No rim to win - players shoot 10 free throws, only swishes count.
c) Yo-yo game - each player starts with 5 points, a swish is +1, any other make is 0, a miss is -1, play to 10 (win) or 0 (lose).
Fogler Game - Swish is +1, rim make 0, miss -1, play to +2.

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