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Free throws

Mario Blasone

At the end of every practice. One shooter is at the foul line, the rest of the team is on the baseline. Guards must make three in a row, bigs two in a row, or everybody sprints up and back. All players shoot.
Mike Ingram (Winning Hoops) - each player takes one free throw, all players run down and back on a miss (the shooter must first touch the near baseline), then the next player shoots.

Ray Lokar

a) In the spotlight - 1 shoots a one-and-one, if he makes both ends the next player shoots, if he misses the front end the team sprints up and back, if he misses the back end the team sprints to the other baseline and stops. All players shoot.

b) Make 6 and go home - choose a player to take two free throws, if he makes both the team doesn't run, if he misses one the team does an up and back, if he misses both the team runs a suicide. Repeat with two other shooters. Look for players who volunteer to shoot.


- the shooter takes one free throw, all players run a conditioner on a miss, repeat until the shooter has a make
- continue until 3 different shooters have each made a free throw
- make two out of two or run.

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