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Ganon Baker hornet

Ganon Baker

On eye contact from coach [or a pass fake], players face cut or back cut from one wing all the way to the rim (cutting discipline) then go out the other side. See the ball, present a target hand. If coach passes, pass back (there are no shots). Repeat from the other side.

Progression - pause for a 2-count at the rim, or buttonhook, plant the foot closest to the ball and reverse pivot (leg whip).

Variation - fake the go, take two steps forward then two steps back, causing a close-out situation.

Option - each player has a ball, passes to coach, who can pass back in the lane for a shot, or outside the lane and players dribble to the other line.

See Layups - Ganon Baker hornet, Backdoor cuts, Shooting - Huggins cutting.

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