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Fast breaks

Avery Johnson
Dallas Mavericks

Offence after a missed shot. The outlet pass does not always go to 1, it can go to 2 or 3. The first big sprints to the front of the rim and looks to seal, there are two wing runners.

There are three stages

1) a pass-ahead area outside the arc in the backcourt - if a teammate is open, pass ahead
2) a decision area just over halfcourt (e.g., looking for the low post or high pick and roll)
3) a breaking point just outside the arc in the frontcourt, where the ballhandler breaks it off to form a triangle.

One option is a high pick and roll, which is really just a diagonal crossing action. On a pass to 3, 1 can cut to the ballside or weakside corner.

1 could instead pass ahead to 2, who looks to get the ball into the low post.

However, it is critical not to stay on one side of the floor, swing it to the other side unless you have a shot with 80% efficiency (a layup by the point guard), then post up, pick and roll, isolate. Keep the defence moving.

4 can roll across the lane to post up and form a triangle with 1 and 3, or pick and roll with 3 (shown), or 5 could pick and roll.

On a pass to 1 breaking out of the corner, 4 snaps back to post up.

Another reversal option is to swing the ball through 4 to 3, then 5 crosses the lane.

Another attacking option is for 1 to dribble to the breaking point and use a low pick and roll with 4, who cuts at a right angle to keep X1 from getting under the screen too early.

5 can clear weakside and duck in, or stay ballside and replace as 4 rolls.

Zipper action can be used to swing the ball. On the cut up, 2 will stop to block his defender then continue the cut for a pass. 3 curls over the screen from 4, who pops back.

2 passes to 4 and cuts, 3 curls around a double screen by 5 and 1, 4 passes back to 2 and ballscreens.

See Fast breaks - Spurs 2007 (two-man game, loop series).

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