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Fast breaks
5star pro-style early offence

Bill McNally

With a 35-second shot clock, they have five segments of possession:
- quick strike after a make or miss (35-30 seconds)
- early action (29-22 seconds)
- set, continuity, quick hitter (21-10 seconds)
- iso or ballscreen (9-0 seconds)
- offensive rebounding plan.

On a make, 4 always inbounds, 5 runs rim to rim, 1 gets his back to the sideline, 3 runs wide right below the foul-line extended, 2 runs wide left but looks over his shoulder to see if there is any difficulty getting the ball in. On a miss, if a perimeter player rebounds he pushes it upcourt, if a big rebounds the other big rim runs.

Run for layups, early post-ups, open 3's for green-light shooters. Always try to pass ahead. Options are:

- long pass to 5 (shown)
- pass ahead to 3 for an early post-up or a 3-point shot (green-light shooter)
- long diagonal pass to 2, 5 comes ballside, early post-up or shot
- diagonal dribble to the other side in the frontcourt
- dribble up the right side, 4 trails.


4 picks and pops if he is a shooter, otherwise he picks and rolls, 5 replaces. 1 takes two dribbles coming off the screen.

If X4 hedges hard, 1 can reject the screen and drive to the basket, 5 goes to the opposite block.

1 can go wide over the screen, then 4 turns and re-screens, 5 goes to the other side.

Drag can be used against a 2-3 zone.

Double drag

Bring 5 high to double screen with 4, one big rolls, the other pops, or 5 and 4 then pin down for 3 (shown).


1 dribble hand-offs with 3, who first walks his man away to set him up, then 4 drag screens for 3.

If 1 fakes the hand-off and drives baseline, 5 lifts, 2 goes to the far corner (baseline drive, baseline drift). Look for a pass to 2 then the extra pass to 4.

Variation - double wedge, lift 5 to screen with 4.
Rich McGill - double wedge then double drag, 5 and 4 screen for 3 then 1, and 2 backcuts when 3 gets to the top of the key.


A quick catch-and-shoot 3-point shot.

On a post feed, the passer automatically screens for the next perimeter player.


1 hits the trailer, one option is to let him make a play, it's a two-man game on that side, e.g.,

- hi-lo duck-in on the pass to 4
- 5 comes out to ballscreen for 4
- 4 drives and kicks to 2
- 4 dribble hand-offs with 2

On a pass to 2, 4 can follow his pass to ballscreen (Get), or.5 can flex screen for 2 (shown) and they can continue into flex.

Drag into shake - 4 drag screens for 1, who passes to 2.

Here 4 dribble hand-offs with 2, gets a kickback, and drives baseline.

Flattening out the defence

1 passes ahead to 3, who dribbles to the baseline then passes back to 1 for a shot or drag action.

They don't cross their guards, it's all about spacing, but they do have a cross and turn-out quick hitter, e.g.,., if the guards get upcourt before the bigs. 3 screens for 2 in the middle of the lane.

3 UCLA screens for 1 while 5 and 4 stagger screen weakside, then 3 ballscreens for 2, and 1 uses the stagger screen.

Variation - a big sets the cross-screen, UCLA screen, and ballscreen, harder to switch.

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