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Fast break
Spurs floor balance

Gregg Popovich

Coach shoots and misses with all players in the lane. Rebound, outlet, and run the floor into positions based on the attacking system.

For the Spurs, the first big goes to the ballside block, running a banana cut through the other elbow. He looks to seal his defender on his back in the lane for a pass from 2 (who may have to take one hard dribble), or bury (plant and pivot) for a pass from 1. 1, 2 and 3 are interchangeable. The ball can be brought up either side. Passing up the sideline can be better than pushing the ball up, e.g., an outlet pass to 2 who headmans to 1. The wings run all the way down on fast breaks, come back out (block level) if they don't get the ball. See the Spurs 2007 fast break.

Here 5 gets the rebound, so 4 is the first big.
- the wings cross (New Jersey Nets), or they "bump" the baseline\
- after one or two passes, a player drives and kicks for a shot, other players relocate on penetration.

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