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Fast break
Izzo 5 on 0

Tom Izzo

A big throws the ball off the backboard, 4 or 5 can rebound. On a miss, the first big runs, 1 gets an outlet pass ballside, foul-line extended one yard from the sideline, the rebounder trails. On a make, use a designated inbounder (don't let the ball hit the floor), 1 goes to the outlet spot on the side of the inbounder's strong hand. 2 always runs wide right, 3 wide left. Make three trips then stay at the other end, always scoring, progressions are

a) 1 to 2, first big 4 posts ballside, skip pass to 3, 4 follows the ball, 3 shoots (shown)
b) 1 to 3, skip pass to 2
c) 1 to the first big over the top.
Tom Crean
- coach shoots, outlet or inbound
- 3 trips, stay at the other end
- freelance
- 5, 4, 3 passes, no rules
- fast break plays
- run the break, it's not there, flow into set plays.

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