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Fast break
Hubie Brown 5-man break

Hubie Brown.

Passing 5 to 3 to 4 to 1 to 2 for a shot. Never pass backwards. Two hands on each pass and catch.

George Karl and Doug Moe - players can run any options they want but at full speed, go until one player asks for a time-out because he is out of gas.

Centre 5 rebounds and outlets, guards 1 and 2 cross underneath, forwards 3 and 4 cross at the foul line, repeat coming back for one trip, go up to 3 trips. Any mistakes, re-start.

Bruce Pearl - coming back, inside players 3 and 4 go to the outside, outside players 1 and 2 go to the inside (both groups changes sides of the floor).
See Fast break - 5-player rush.

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