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Fast break
5-man flow


No dribbling, the ball should not hit the floor. Make 10 perfect layups (or 10 in a row).

Coach shoots a free throw with five rebounders. 1 and 2 are passers, 3-4-5 are shooters. The shooters rebound while 1 and 2 go to outlet positions.

Rebounder 4 outlets ballside to 1, who passes to 2 cutting to the middle. 3 and 5 sprint the floor, one gets a pass from 2 for a layup, the other rebounds. 1 and 2 run to outlet positions at the other end. Rebounder 4 goes to a sideline at halfcourt and will be the next shooter coming back.

Shooter 5 sprints the floor wide (outside 1 and 2)to rebound the next shot before the ball hits the floor. Rebounder 3 outlets ballside to 2 who passes to 1 in the middle, 1 passes to 4 for a layup. 3 goes to halfcourt (the next shooter), 1 and 2 come back to outlet spots.

Going upcourt, 5 outlets ballside to 2 and goes to halfcourt, shooter 4 sprints to rebound 3's layup.

For 3-4-5, the rotation is shooter to rebounder to halfcourt. For 1 and 2, the player who does not get the outlet pass cuts to the middle and will make the scoring pass.

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