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Fast break
3 in a line



Three players line up in front of the backboard with one ball. 1 tosses the ball off the backboard, sprints to the sideline then moves to the outlet position. 2 jumps, catches the ball in the air, tosses the ball off the backboard, and sprints up the right sideline. 3 rebounds the ball making a 1/4 turn in the air, outlets to 1 and runs wide left (2 and 3 must run outside cones). 1 takes one or two dribbles, passes to 2, who dribbles towards the elbow then passes to 3 for a layup. The next group is ready to go as the ball crosses halfcourt.

2 on 1

After tossing the ball, 1 sprints back as the defender. 2 runs wide right as before, 3 rebounds, takes one or two break-out dribbles then advance passes to 2, who attacks the basket while 3 fills the middle lane.

Option - coach is a guided defender on 3 to help him learn which way to turn for the break-out dribble.
Xs and Os Australia #1 - 1 tosses the ball off the backboard twice then sprints to touch the far baseline, 3 dribbles downcourt to attack with 2.

That's a Foul, April 2008 - maximum of two dribbles each catch to promote passing and cutting.

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