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Fast break
1 (secondary)
Secondary fast break
(based on coachesclipboard.ca)

4 self rebounds and outlets to 1, who attacks the far basket. 4 will jump, catch with two hands, make a quarter turn in the air and land looking upcourt with the ball held at the ear with both hands. Once 4 has the ball, 1 goes vertical to pressure the defence and create space, cuts straight back to the ball if 4 is in trouble (in the drill, holding the ball low). 1 can make a Steve Nash circle cut (cut in front of a defender as he cuts back).


- 1 shoots to start, 4 rebounds and outlets a miss, inbounds a make
- 4 can use a vertical break-out dribble on a miss, 1 exit cuts upcourt
- add a defender who can guard the rebounder or outlet (if jammed, the rebounder pivots opposite and uses a vertical break-out dribble)
- add a second defender for 2 on 2.

Coming back, 4 rebounds and makes an inbounds pass (make) or outlet pass (miss). After a make, 1 also creates space with a misdirect cut then shows his target hands on a circle cut back to the ball (for a control pass), or a back cut away from the ball (an attack pass). If a defender shows chest in a game, 1 takes a couple of hard steps into him then back cuts; if the defender shows fingertips/forearm, 1 takes a couple of hard steps into him then face cuts to get in front - swim over a low arm, rip underneath a high arm. If the defender takes away the step-over, spin back the opposite direction. 1 makes the same reads on a miss, but must also read a break-out dribble by the rebounder.

Other finishing options

- 1 shoots from the elbow (Paul Hewitt)
- 1 hits 4 for a trail shot
- drag (middle) pick and roll
- shake pick and roll (shown).

Repeat up and back, or repeat unless (or until) both shots are makes.

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