Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills


Andy Sparks

1) Start on one sideline, each player has a ball.

a) For warm-up, dribble across and back, change hands, continue.

b) Pair up side-by-side, dribble across then back with the outside hand (so change hands coming back).


- the player on the left is the leader, changing pace, the player on the right has to follow (then leads coming back)
- partners lean against each other with the inside shoulder as they dribble across and back.

2) Only one player has a ball, the other player will cross both arms, maintain contact with the dribble, across and back, switch with the dribbler

Progression - guided defence, if the defender gets in front of the ball, the dribbler will pullback crossover, if the defender gets behind the level of the ball, the dribbler will crossover to cut off the defender.
Ryan Goodson - contact drill
- the defender puts his arms on the dribbler's shoulders, who drives through the pressure
- grab the dribbler's hips from behind and pull back
- the dribbler takes a control dribble stance and step-slides up the court, the defender gives contact with a forearm on the inside shoulder
- the defender tries to ride the dribbler out on his inside shoulder, the dribbler advances the ball and tries to cut into the defender's path, veer behind him, and stay on the inside position by maintaining contact.

3) Fullcourt, side-by-side, each player dribbles a ball upcourt with the outside hand (not fast), coach backpedals, if coach puts out his right hand, 1 passes off the dribble and gets a return pass, if coach puts out his left hand, 2 passes and gets the ball back, continue upcourt and back. Dribblers must keep their heads up.

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