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British bulldog

All players have balls, and all but O1 are on the baseline. On a signal, the players on the baseline try to dribble to the other baseline, while O1 dribbles and tries to tag the other players with his non-dribbling hand. Here O1 tags O2.
Option - start with two or three taggers.

On the next trip, O1 and O2 try to tag the other players. How many trips does it take before all players are tagged?

coaching.fibaeurope.com - if there aren't enough balls for everyone, players pair up holding hands, one player dribbles.
coachesclipboard.ca - sharks and minnows - no basketballs, two sharks, switch places if you tag a minnow (option - all players are dribbling). See Footwork - Tag.
Brian McCormick - sharks and minnows - halfcourt, sideline to sideline, the two sharks are without balls, other players have balls, and join the sharks if tagged. Progressions, a) everybody has a ball, b) only sharks have balls (get a ball from coach if tagged).

Jr. NBA Canada

- Cheetahs - no balls, coach is the cheetah at halfcourt, join coach if tagged
- Octopus - players are dribbling, coach is the octopus at halfcourt.

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